HORN…..always evolving to meet your needs!

Horn who’s heritage date’s back some 90 years, originated in Germany and has been available here in the UK for over 30 of these. Horn is always keeping a close eye on new developments in the Sewing & Craft industry and has seen particularly in the last few years a large increase in heavier, longer armed sewing machines; e.g.
the Janome 6600, Husqvarna Diamond series and now the huge Brother Innovis 1 & Bernina 820/ 830 are to name but a few.

These machines are to keep up with the increasing demand by you for more powerful Quilting, Patchworking and Embroidery equipment. The longer arm’s and larger throats on these bigger new machines is to allow for an easier flow of larger amounts of material but because of this many do not fit into older Horn units which in the past have been fitted with our 1927 Standard sized air-lifter, (this has a 48cm length rectangular hole aperture). Horn swiftly responded to this by developing not one but two longer Horn ‘soft touch’ air lifter systems; the 1929 (53cm length aperture) and now the 1932 (61cm length aperture.) The 1929 Long– lifter is now fitted to our entire range apart from one model, the CUB plus, which is fitted with our standard sized lifter and we now have 2 models fitted with our 1932 Maxi- lifter these are the Superior (model 2042) and the ingenious Professional (model 3002) , these larger lifters are suited for not only all newer machines but also for all existing standard sized machines that have been available over the years

HORN….. solid quality and experience

Unless otherwise stated all our furniture in this brochure will arrive delivered by our drivers in our vehicles—this guarantees you only the very best in service. It will be fully assembled, not flat packed(except the Stella)and all units, regardless of price, benefit from Horn’s unstinting attention to detail. For example;
1/ Ample use of large Castors. This isn’t just for easy mobility it’s also for stability to!
2/ Good fixings, parts & construction – designed to last!
3/ Solid backs and bases. Many furniture manufactures will skimp on these areas mainly due to cost and because it’s not usually a side that is put on display, but this can also reduce the strength of the furniture dramatically. This is one of the Horn secrets, our units gain a great deal of their stability and strength from this feature.

HORN….. innovative by design

This Horn range offers the very latest in design and ingenuity, which is something Horn has become well known for and is the culmination of decades of experience in sewing cabinetry & the craft furniture industry. You can rest assured that you will get only the best in manufacture and service with any model you choose to purchase from us. After owning a Horn whatever the model you won’t look back, you’ll feel pleasure and satisfaction every time you use it, either from the simplicity of it’s lifting operation, the comfort and ease of its flat-bed sewing position, its quick and speedy set- up and shut down or maybe just while you’re polishing it.
After having to slave for years on any table handy, breaking your back sewing at incorrect heights or putting up with complaints that your taking over the house – using it will be pure bliss. Isn’t it time you owned a Horn?