Why Horn Furniture UK

Convenient, comfortable and safe

Having a sewing machine in a Horn cabinet is, for the user, ergonomically correct. Not only do you have the pleasure of owning a useful and aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture, which is a large enough cupboard to store all your essential haberdashery needs in, but because of the Horn air-lifter, it also allows you to operate your sewing machine at correct sewing posture heights.


Using any sewing machine on the Horn’s elevating platform at the flatbed position is not only comfortable to sit at, it also means that the feed of your machine is level with the table of the cabinet, making your fabric slide with ease from table to machine whilst you are sewing and it allows you to rest your arms in the process, this saves not only your back but your neck muscles too. It also prevents the material from pulling to any one side allowing it to flow through freely and equally.


This idea is not new, in the 1860’s sewing machines were operated by treadle and the metal bed of the machine was set into the table, level with the top, at 29 inches high. After the Second World War due to the availability and abundance of new materials machines were gradually changing, with newer ideas such as ‘tubular arms’, otherwise known as ‘free-arm’ or ‘sleeve-arms’, making it far easier for the user to sew awkward pieces such as cuffs, sleeves or trouser legs.


Today virtually all domestic sewing machines are made this way and the Horn free-arm insert adaptor makes almost every sewing machine completely compatible with the flatbed sewing position.


All Horn Sewing units on this website will arrive fully assembled (unless otherwise stated), not flat packed and all units regardless of price benefit from Horn’s unstinting attention to detail. For example;

  • Ample use of large Casters. This isn’t just for easy mobility it’s also for stability too!
  • Good fixings parts, which are designed to last.
  • Solid backs and bases. Most furniture manufactures will stint on these areas mainly due to cost and because it’s not usually a side that is put on display, but this also reduces the strength of the furniture dramatically. This is one of the Horn secrets, our units gain most of their stability and strength from this feature.